The next challenge. The next trend.

Discover Swoove

Swoove is a unique place for people to create fun, shareable, viral content. It makes 3D animation available to anyone, using just a few swipes.

Complete Creativity

Users create an avatar and animate it to dance how they want.

Easily Sharable

Creations are easily shareable to all other social channels.

Themed Channels

Themed channels for your brand, project or idea.

Exciting Validation

Extremely exciting product validation already achieved among Gen Z.

For TV Networks
& Media Companies

With its innovative swipe-based mobile 3D animation technology, Swoove is the new social creative platform that will give viewers a fun, engaging way to interact with your content.

People like your moves? Great. When people copy or share your inventions you’ll earn points to unlock rare content.

For Advertisers
& Sponsors​

Swoove’s groundbreaking swipe-based mobile animation platform gives you a new, utterly unique way to connect with your brand’s target audiences.

It allows them to view, create and share content within a Tik-Tok-esque social platform that includes themed or branded channels.

For 3D Content Producers & Artists

Swoove’s social creative platform will allow you to put your content in front of 1000s of new people that will be naturally more engaged due to the inherent easy creativity of the technology.

Through strategic partnerships you’ll unlock new revenue streams, new opportunities for growth and new distribution channels.

For 3D Content IP Owners & Studios​

Swoove’s social creative platform will give Gen Z a way to creatively engage with your content in a way that lasts.

Our platform naturally promotes virality and lasting buzz because of the endless ways our users can innovate using our unique swipe-based animation technology.

For Music IP Owners
& Managers​

Swoove’s social creative platform gives you access to Gen Z in a creative, social environment that naturally suits them.

Swoove will be the new venue for trends, crazes and obsessions due to the way it empowers anyone to be creative and share their creations, even if they don’t want to be on camera.